F. A. Q. about pizza machine

F. A. Q. - frequently asked questions

Our pizzas are delicious. They are prepared in a restaurant kitchen with top quality ingredients before being delivered to the Fizza machines.

Do I need a plate? You won't need a plate, because the pizzas come in a box. We even give you a knife to cut it in slices!

The machine has a refrigerator that keeps the pizzas fresh at +3°C. Upon your order, the pizza is automatically moved from the fridge to the pizza oven where it's baked crispy at very high temperature, each pizza having a specific setting.

The pizzas can stay in the fridge for a maximum of 72 hours. In a rare case a pizza is not sold within 72 hours, the Fizza machine software automatically removes it from the sale and it cannot be bought anymore.

No, the Fizza pizzas are never frozen. Our pizzas are prepared exactly as in any high-quality restaurant. They are then carefully kept in the cold chain to keep the ingredients fresh until your order.

We fill up the machine on a daily basis. 

Our pizza prices vary from 145 CZK to 175 CZK, depending on the ingredients.

The Fizza machine delivers 2 types of pizzas: hot to be enjoyed right away or cold which you can bake at home in about 4-5 minutes at 230˚. The cold version is cheaper and faster.